The Art of Self Revelation:

    How to Thrive No Matter What Is Going On In Your Life Or      The  World Around You

The Art of Self Revelation:

 How to Thrive No Matter What Is Going On In Your Life Or The World Around You 

My heart started to race when the phone rang at 11:42 PM as I braced myself to hear what the caller would say. Gripping the phone, panic set in and I heard the nurse say my father was being unexpectedly discharged from the hospital instead of staying the night.

It was great news that he was fine to go home. However, they would not put him unaccompanied in a taxi to take him there.  I was a three hour drive away. 

I often felt like fifty-thousand things were coming at me during the final stages of my father’s life, as a daughter, health proxy and power of attorney. There were a myriad of decisions I had to make on a daily basis involving his health care and well-being. All this while still running a global business and being present with my clients. The responsibility was immense and at times, it was quite overwhelming. 

Now, I either had to drive six hours to the hospital and back or leave him there until morning. Obviously, the latter was not an option and I had clients booked all day starting early in the day. 

Miraculously, 27 minutes later my dad was home in bed.   

When in crisis, we rarely can see the immediate answer to solve our challenge because emotional duress can blind us and trap us in the chaos. However, the possibilities are endless when we have access to our often dormant inner resources. When we know how to tap into those, then we find we can thrive no matter what is going on in our life or the world around us.

What happened that night was that instead of getting sucked into the vortex of worry and fear, I applied the Flash Mode MethodTM.  This helped me connect with my inner wisdom and that allowed me to effortlessly access the exact solution for my quandary.  

The answer was to contact my niece. Though she now lived across the country, my niece grew up near my dad’s house. Knowing she’d kept in touch with dear friends who were still in that neighborhood, I called her.  One of her night owl friends jumped in her car, retrieved my dad from the hospital and got him home safe and sound. 

My father was relaxed and happy, and we all slept well that night.

Here is the three-step Flash Mode MethodTM that saved the day for dad and for me (You may want to try this now):

1. Breathe.

While breathing is a fundamental automatic function of an alive human body, most people only take in enough breath to simply keep them alive! For the majority of people breathing is passive and unconscious. The kind of breathing you want to create is active and conscious.  

This is what I do:

Inhale to the count of 5—hold for 2—exhale to the count of 5. Relax your shoulders and allow the breath to reach down to your abdomen. Repeat 5 times.

When we breathe connected and fuller breaths we immediate impact tension in our body and relieve stress in our mind. We become present in the moment and our thoughts can quiet.

This is an essential first step to access our inner resources so we can handle challenge, change, chaos or crisis and thrive no matter what is going on in our lives and the world around us.

2. Connect.

When we are facing difficult situations, we tend to be focused on what is happening on the outside. Invariably, the inclination is to try to change, fix or improve the outside. However, situations on the outside are seldom under our control and therefore, rarely within our ability to change.  

Here’s what I recommend:

Staying focused on your breath, feel the air moving through your body.  Observe the gentle flow of the movement and notice the feeling of stillness in the moment as you attune to your self within.

This step is essential to turn our attention from the outside to the inside, thereby increasing self-awareness which enables us to experience inner calm and quiet.

3. Listen.

Most of us who can hear, often may not listen.  In this step, ask for clarity and be receptive to hearing the guiding voice from within that is usually quite calm, and act on its wisdom.

This is how:

While focused on your breath and connecting inside, notice ideas or images that come to your mind and offer answers to the challenge you are facing.

As we connect within, the nervous system will calm, the mental chatter will quiet, and we will recognize the direction to go in that most supports our circumstances going forward. 

Next time you find yourself in challenge, change, chaos or crisis, don’t remain stuck. Follow the three steps of the Flash Mode MethodTM and experience the Art of Self-Revelation yourself — so you can thrive no matter what is going on in your life or the world around you. 

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